Sunshine State Reader

Sunshine State Reader is an educational iOS app that will help your child track progress to complete the set of books selected by the Florida Department of Education and FAME.

    Help your child set a goal to complete the Sunshine State book selection! Once your goal is set, your child will know how many pages to read each day to achieve their reading goal!

    Download the Sunshine State Reader iOS app


    ★ Track Progress ★
    Easily track progress when reading each Sunshine State book!

    ★ Reading Goals ★
    Set a goal date to see how many pages you need to read each day to achieve your goal!

    ★ Book Information ★
    Access the full 2015-2016 SSYRA book list, complete with Lexile score, AR points, and AR level information!




    The Sunshine State Young Reader program is a program sponsored by FAME and the Florida Department of Education. This program is facilitated through your child’s school, usually through the school library media specialist. Each year a selection of books are posted for the SSYRA program, and school’s usually provide awards to students that read the full set of books by the end of the school year.


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    ★ Achievements ★
    Earn GameCenter achievements as you reach milestones!

    ★ Friends Leaderboard ★
    Have fun competing with your friends, see where you rank as you progress through the school year!