Ding Stinger

Ding Stinger is an iOS enterprise app that improves the efficiency of how the auto body repair industry does business.

The Ding Stinger is a state-of-the-art automobile Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) estimation tool. It combines an easy to use interface with the latest industry pricing standards to provide a streamlined process for PDR estimation, from start to finish. The Ding Stinger can be used for estimating large or small automobile PDR jobs, including full hail damage estimates and minor door dings. This tool simplifies the PDR estimation process, and provides a number of helpful features, guiding you through the estimation process from the moment a customer walks through the door, to the time they leave with a Ding Stinger generated estimate and invoice.


The extensive feature set provided by the Ding Stinger allows you to create professional, customized estimates and invoices, and also allows you to minimize your time spent writing estimates and maximize your time spent doing repairs. With the Ding Stinger, some of the functionality you get:

• Fully customizable labor and tax rates.

• Bar code VIN number scanning.

• Unlimited cosmetic photo documentation.

• Up to date, industry standard insurance pricing.

• Preloaded Refinish and Blend times for conventional repairs.

• Cloud storage for auto-saving and sharing a large number of estimates across multiple devices.

• Detailed search functionality for looking up and editing old estimates by VIN, Vehicle Type, and more.

• Professional quality, insurance-company friendly estimates and invoices, with your custom company logo.

• Unlimited Editing, Emailing, Air Printing, and Saving estimate and invoice PDF files.

The Ding Stinger is designed for use by all PDR estimators, from large enterprise companies to independent PDR technicians. It can be utilized as a check-in tool for any auto related business, and is a complete, affordable solution for Independent Insurance Adjusters, Collision Shops, Mechanic Shops, and Rental Car Agencies. With cloud storage support, you can store all of the estimates your business needs in one convenient location, and have them readily accessible for anyone in the field or anyone at the office.

For more information, visit us at www.thedingstinger.com.